ВИДЕО: Мечка влегла во куќа и заспала во плакар

Сопствениците на куќа во американската држава Монтана беа изненадени кога враќајќи се дома во петокот, открија дека црна мечка спие на полицата од плакарот во нивниот дом.

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This is the hilarious moment cops are forced to remove a bear who broke into a home and took a nap in a closet. Authorities were called to a home in Butler’s Creek, Montana, in the early hours of Friday June 21 after the owners reported a bear had broken into their house. Amazingly, after the bear forced his way into the property, it somehow managed to deadbolt the door behind it. It then began to cause a ruckus by ripping apart the mudroom before eventually getting tired. When law enforcement and wildlife officials arrived on the scene, they discovered the bear had made his way into a closet and nestled down for a nap. In a statement, Missoula County Sheriff’s Office said: “When deputies knocked on the window, the bear was not the least bit impressed. He slowly stretched, yawned and, unamused, looked toward the door. Eventually, deputies were able to unlock the door in hopes he would hop down and leave. However, their attempts were only met with more big bear yawns. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks showed up to assist and tranquilized the bear so he could be relocated. The homeowners were glad he was removed in good health, but won’t soon forget when this intruder came looking for the bear necessities!. 22 Jun 2019, Image: 450594367, License: Rights-managed, Restrictions: World Rights, Model Release: no, Credit line: Profimedia, Mega Agency

Полицајците, кои беа повикани поради провала, низ прозорецот видоа голема црна мечка како дреме на полицата од плакарот, пишува Би-би-си.

И покрај тоа што тие тропаа на прозорецот за да ја разбудат, таа само уморно зевнала и продолжила да спие.

Животното, најверојатно, влегло во куќата преку пералницата и ја заглавило вратата. Обидувајќи се да излезе, таа направила целосен хаос, но потоа, најверојатно, била уморна и одлучила да прилегне.
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